Technical Support is payable upon initial product purchase.

Each year thereafter we send out an Annual Technical Support and Maintenance Invoice to each end user who has one of our software products (for example our Fiat-Chrysler EBMX and EMTS Software Interface into Chrysler's mainframe computer system).

If the Invoice is paid you are entitled to on-going licensed use of the program, telephone support (e.g., re-installation help, system tweaking, etc.), along with any new software updates.

However, if the Invoice is NOT paid in the following years your company will be required to pay back support plus a $495 reinstatement fee. Yearly Annual Technical Support is $295 and your particular Fiat-Chrysler program will notify you on your computer screen when it is due.

Annual payment

Annual Technical Support.

Annual technical support FastSync


Annual $295
  • After 1 month of payment due FastSync will enter in diactivation mode
  • Technical Assistance
  • Customer Care
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