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    LexiCom's Per-Configured Trading Partners


Pre-Configured Trading Partners and VANs

Communicate with trading partners and VANs via AS2, AS3, ebMS 2.0 (ebXML Messaging Service), fasp™, FTP, FTPs, SSH FTP, HTTP, HTTPs, IBM® WebSphere® MQ, MLLP, RNIF, OFTP, OFTP2, SMTP, SMTPs and Web Services. CLEO VersaLex (which powers CLEO LexiCom and CLEO VLTrader) offers pre-loaded configurations for major trading partner servers and VANs. These “pre-configured host connections” significantly reduce setup time. For advanced users, generic host types are also available, allowing for full flexibility of configuration.



Below is a current list of pre-configured host connections...

If you require a connection that is not listed, please contact CTI to confirm availability. CLEO is continually adding pre-configured connections and in many cases will be able to quickly create a new pre-configured connection for you if not already available. You may also fill out the applicable form to request a new host connection. Pre-Configured Host Connections: Click here to download one or more available host connections.
Trading Partner Protocol Type Industry
1SYNC AS2 Production Software
1SYNC AS2 Test Software
3M AS2   Consumer Packaged Goods
AAFES AS2 Production Government
AAFES AS2 Test Government
Aarons AS2 Production Retail
Aarons AS2 Test Retail
AC Moore FTPs   Retail
AC Moore AS2   Retail
Access Business Group AS2 Production Logistics(Fulfillment)
Access Business Group AS2 Test Logistics(Fulfillment)
Accretive Commerce SSH FTP   Technology Provider
ACE Hardware AS2   Retail
Acosta AS2   Service Providers
Activant AS2   Software
Advanced Data Exchange AS2   EDI-VAN
Advantage CKN AS2   Service Providers
Agility AS2 Production Logistics(Fulfillment)
Agility AS2 Test Logistics(Fulfillment)
Ahold Information Systems AS2 Production EDI-VAN
Ahold Information Systems AS2 Test EDI-VAN
Airgas AS2 Production Distribution
Airgas AS2 Test Distribution
Albert Heijn AS2 Production Grocery
Albert Heijn AS2 Test Grocery
Albertsons AS2 Production Grocery
Albertsons AS2 Test Grocery
Alligacom AS2   Supply Chain Management
Amazon AS2   Online Retailer
Amazon Europe AS2 Test Online Retailer
Amazon Europe AS2 Production Online Retailer
American Express FTPs   Financial
American Food Distributors AS2   Distribution
Americold AS2 Production Logistics(Fulfillment)
Americold AS2 Test Logistics(Fulfillment)
AmerisourceBergen AS2   Healthcare
Amphire AS2 Production Supply Chain Management
Amphire AS2 Test Supply Chain Management
AN Deringer AS2 Production Logistics(Fulfillment)
AN Deringer AS2 Test Logistics(Fulfillment)
Anchor Blue AS2   CPG-Apparel
Anderson Merchandisers AS2   Retail
Annas Linens AS2   Retail
ANX Velocity FTP   EDI-VAN
Apple Express WS   Retail
Applica AS2   Distribution
Archivers AS2   Retail
Ariba AS2   Technology Provider
Arthur Wells AS2   Logistics(Fulfillment)
Artist and Craftsman FTP FTP   Retail
ASDA UK AS2   Retail
Associated Wholesale Grocers AS2   Grocery
AT Kearney FTPs   Service Providers
AT&T FTP   Telecommunications
AT&T AS2 Production Telecommunications
AT&T AS2 Test Telecommunications
AT&T Easylink FTP   Telecommunications
Atomic Box Logistics AS2   Logistics(Fulfillment)
Auchan AS2 Production Retail
Auchan AS2 Test Retail
Autozone AS2   Automotive
Aviko B.V. AS2 Production Distribution
Aviko B.V. AS2 Test Distribution
Avnet AS2 Production Service Providers
Avnet AS2 Test Service Providers
B&G Foods AS2   Grocery
Bank of America FTP   Financial
Bank of America AS2   Financial
Bank of America HTTPs   Financial
Bank of America FTPs   Financial
Bank of America Report Retrieval HTTPs   Financial
Bank Of Montreal SSH FTP   Financial
Bank of Tokyo FTPs   Financial
BareWeb AS2   CPG-Apparel
Barnes & Noble AS2   Retail
Barrett Distribution AS2   Distribution
Bass Pro Shops AS2   Retail
Baxter AS2 Production Pharmaceutical
Baxter AS2 Test Pharmaceutical
Baxter Planning SSH FTP   Logistics(Fulfillment)
Bay Valley Foods AS2   Grocery
Bed Bath & Beyond AS2   Retail
Bell Canada AS2   Telecommunications
Bell South FTPs   Telecommunications
Bercom FTP   Telecommunications
Best Brands AS2   Distribution
Bestbuy SSH FTP   Retail
BI Technology Solutions FTP   Software
Big Lots AS2   Retail
Big Rock Sports AS2   Distribution
BIP AS2 Production EDI-VAN
Birds Eye Foods AS2 Production Consumer Packaged Goods
Birds Eye Foods AS2 Test Consumer Packaged Goods
BJs Wholesale Club FTP   Grocery
Bloomberg FTP   Financial
Blue Cross Blue Shield MQ Production Insurance
Blue Cross Blue Shield MQ Test Insurance
BMO Capital AS2   Financial
BMR LE Group AS2 Production Distribution
BMR LE Group AS2 Test Distribution
BMW Group FTPs   Automotive
BMW Manufacturing FTPs   Automotive
Boehringer-Ingleheim AS2   Healthcare
Books a Milliion AS2   Retail
Boscovs AS2   Retail
BrightPoint AS2 Production Technology Provider
BrightPoint AS2 Test Technology Provider
Bristol-Myers Squibb AS2   Pharmaceutical
Bruce Power AS2 Production Energy/Utilities
Bruce Power AS2 Test Energy/Utilities
Buena Vista AS2   Retail
Build.com AS2   Distribution
Bumble Bee Seafoods AS2   Consumer Packaged Goods
Bunzl AS2   Distribution
Bunzl HTTPs Production Distribution
Bunzl HTTPs Test Distribution
Burris Logistics AS2 Production Logistics(Fulfillment)
Burris Logistics AS2 Test Logistics(Fulfillment)
Business Depot FTP   Retail
Business Depot AS2 Production Retail
Business Depot AS2 Test Retail
Buy.com AS2   Online Retailer
C&S Wholesale Grocers AS2   Grocery
Capital One FTPs   Financial
Cardinal Brands AS2   Manufacturing
Cardinal HealthCare AS2   Healthcare
Caremark PCS AS2 Production Healthcare
Caremark PCS AS2 Test Healthcare
Carrefour AS2 Production Distribution
Carrefour AS2 Test Distribution
Caterpillar FTP   Manufacturing
Catholic Health East AS2 Production Healthcare
Catholic Health East AS2 Test Healthcare
Century Distribution AS2 HTTPs   Distribution
CH Robinson AS2 Production Logistics(Fulfillment)
CH Robinson AS2 Test Logistics(Fulfillment)
Charming Shoppes Inc. AS2   Retail
Chep AS2 Production Logistics(Fulfillment)
Chep AS2 Test Logistics(Fulfillment)
Choice Logistics AS2 Production Logistics(Fulfillment)
Choice Logistics AS2 Test Logistics(Fulfillment)
Chrysler HTTPs Production Automotive
Chrysler HTTPs Test Automotive
Chrysler FTP   Automotive
Cingular AS2   Telecommunications
Circuit City AS2 Production Retail
Circuit City AS2 Test Retail
CIT FTP Production Financial
CIT FTP Test Financial
Citi Bank AS2 Production Financial
Citi Bank AS2 Test Financial
Clorox AS2 Production Consumer Packaged Goods
Clorox AS2 Test Consumer Packaged Goods
CMS TPA SSH FTP   Healthcare
Coats & Clarks AS2   Manufacturing
Coca-Cola AS2 Production Consumer Packaged Goods
Coca-Cola AS2 Test Consumer Packaged Goods
Comdata FTPs   Financial
Comerica FTP   Financial
Comerica SSH FTP   Financial
ComerMex AS2   Financial
Commercehub AS2 Production EDI-VAN
Commercehub AS2 Test EDI-VAN
Commercehub FTP Production EDI-VAN
Commercehub FTP Test EDI-VAN
Commercial Mexicana AS2   Retail
Commport FTP   Software
Compass Marketing FTP   Service Providers
CompUSA AS2   Retail
Cooking.com AS2   Online Retailer
Corporate Express HTTPs Production Online Retailer
Corporate Express HTTPs Test Online Retailer
Corporate Market Place Inc. FTP   Distribution
Cost Plus AS2   Retail
Couche Tard AS2   Retail
Covast AS2 Production EDI-VAN
Covast AS2 Test EDI-VAN
Covisint AS2   EDI-VAN
Covisint FTP   EDI-VAN
Covisint FTPs   EDI-VAN
Covisint HTTPs   EDI-VAN
CR Bard AS2 Production Healthcare
CR Bard AS2 Test Healthcare
CSK Auto AS2   Retail
CSN Stores AS2   Retail
Custom-Pak AS2   Manufacturing
Dakota SSH FTP   Software
Damco AS2 Production Supply Chain Management
Damco AS2 Test Supply Chain Management
Danone Eaux AS2 Production Consumer Packaged Goods
Danone Eaux AS2 Test Consumer Packaged Goods
Data2Logistics FTP   Logistics(Fulfillment)
Daymon Associates Inc. AS2   EDI-VAN
Deblecx Informatique AS2 Production EDI-VAN
Deblecx Informatique AS2 Test EDI-VAN
DeBoer Transportation AS2   Logistics(Fulfillment)
DeCA AS2   Government
Delhaize AS2 HTTPs   Retail
Delhaize Foodlion Hannaford AS2 Production Supply Chain Management
Delhaize Group AS2   Supply Chain Management
DelMonte AS2 Test Manufacturing
Demoula AS2   Grocery
Deutsche Bank AS2   Financial
Deutsche Bank AS2 HTTPs Production Financial
Deutsche Bank AS2 HTTPs Test Financial
DHL AS2 Production Logistics(Fulfillment)
DHL AS2 Test Logistics(Fulfillment)
DICentral AS2   Telecommunications
Direct Commerce HTTPs   Telecommunications
Direct EDI AS2   EDI-VAN
Discover FTPs   Financial
Do It Best AS2 Production Distribution
Do It Best AS2 Test Distribution
Dollar General AS2   Retail
Dot Foods AS2   Grocery
Drogueria Betances AS2   Pharmaceutical
Dunhams AS2   Retail
DXP AS2 Test Distribution
DXP AS2 PRoduction Distribution
Dynamic International AS2   Distribution
E-Com Systems AS2   EDI-VAN
EasyLink Services AS2   EDI-VAN
ECost.com AS2 Production Online Retailer
ECost.com AS2 Test Online Retailer
ECS FTP Production EDI-VAN
EDI-Net Nubridges AS2   EDI-VAN
EDICS AS2   Software
EDICS SSH FTP   Software
Edict Systems AS2   EDI-VAN
Edict Systems FTP   EDI-VAN
EFS Networks AS2 Production Technology Provider
EFS Networks AS2 Test Technology Provider
Elekta AB MQ Production Healthcare
Elekta AB MQ Test Healthcare
Elemica AS2 Production Supply Chain Management
Elemica AS2 Test Supply Chain Management
Elliot Electric AS2   Distribution
Emerson AS2 HTTPs Production Manufacturing
Emerson AS2 Test Manufacturing
Envision AS2   Manufacturing
Essilor AS2   Retail
Exel AS2 Production Logistics(Fulfillment)
Exel AS2 Test Logistics(Fulfillment)
Expeditors AS2   Logistics(Fulfillment)
Expeditors FTP   Logistics(Fulfillment)
Express Script AS2 Test Healthcare
Express Script AS2 Test Healthcare
Express Script AS2 AS2 Production Healthcare
Family Dollar AS2 Production Retail
Family Dollar AS2 Test Retail
Farmland AS2 Production Manufacturing
Farmland AS2 Test Manufacturing
FedEx AS2   Logistics(Fulfillment)
FedEx AS2   Logistics(Fulfillment)
FedEx FTP PGP Production Logistics(Fulfillment)
FedEx FTP PGP Test Logistics(Fulfillment)
FedEx FTP   Logistics(Fulfillment)
Ferguson AS2   Manufacturing
FHP AS2 Production Manufacturing
FHP AS2 Test Manufacturing
Fidelis AS2   Healthcare
Fidelitone AS2   Supply Chain Management
Fidelity Investments AS2 Production Financial
Fidelity Investments AS2 Test Financial
Fifth Third Bank FTPs   Financial
Fifth Third Bank FTPs FTPs Production Financial
Fifth Third Bank FTPs FTPs Test Financial
First Merit HTTPs   Financial
Fisher Scientific AS2 Production Pharmaceutical
Fisher Scientific AS2 Test Pharmaceutical
Flextronics AS2 Production Manufacturing
Flextronics AS2 Test Manufacturing
Food Lion AS2   Grocery
Foot Locker AS2   Retail
Ford ANX FTP   Automotive
Fossil AS2   Consumer Packaged Goods
Foto Source AS2 Production Retail
Foto Source AS2 Test Retail
Fountainhead Communications FTP   Service Providers
FoxConn AS2 Production Manufacturing
FoxConn AS2 Test Manufacturing
Freightliner HTTPs   Logistics(Fulfillment)
Fresh and Easy AS2 Production Grocery
Fresh and Easy AS2 Test Grocery
Frys Electronics AS2   Retail
Future Electronics FTP   Distribution
Gap AS2 Production Retail
Gap AS2 Test Retail
GCommerce FTP   EDI-VAN
GCommerce AS2 Production EDI-VAN
GCommerce AS2 Test EDI-VAN
General Mills AS2 Production Consumer Packaged Goods
General Mills AS2 Test Consumer Packaged Goods
GHX AS2 Production Healthcare
GHX AS2 Test Healthcare
Giant Eagle AS2   Grocery
Giant Eagle SSH FTP   Grocery
Gillette AS2   Consumer Packaged Goods
Glaceau AS2   Consumer Packaged Goods
Glaxis HTTPs Production EDI-VAN
Glaxis HTTPs Test EDI-VAN
Glen Oaks AS2   Education
GM via EDS Elit FTPs   Automotive
GMAC FTPs Production Automotive
GMAC FTPs Test Automotive
GMAC AS2 Production Automotive
GMAC AS2 Test Automotive
Goglanian Bakeries AS2   Retail
Golub AS2   Retail
Goody Family Clothing AS2   Retail
Gottschalks AS2 Test Retail
Gottschalks AS2 Production Retail
GXS IE (formerly IBM IE) FTP   EDI-VAN
GXS IE (formerly IBM IE) FTPs   EDI-VAN
GXS MDEP Miller Distributing AS2 Production EDI-VAN
GXS MDEP Miller Distributing AS2 Test EDI-VAN
Hagebaumarkt AS2   Retail
Hain Celestial Group AS2   Consumer Packaged Goods
Halls Warehouse AS2   Distribution
Hannaford AS2   Grocery
Harbor Payments AS2   Financial
Harley Davidson FTPs   Retail
Harmon Stores AS2   Retail
Harris Teeter AS2   Grocery
Hastings Inc. AS2 Production Automotive
Hastings Inc. AS2 Test Automotive
HAVI Global Solutions AS2   Supply Chain Management
HBC AS2   Telecommunications
HBC SSH FTP Production Financial
HBC SSH FTP Test Financial
HEB AS2 Production Financial
HEB AS2 Test Financial
Hewlett Packard AS2 Production Manufacturing
Hewlett Packard AS2 Test Manufacturing
Home Depot AS2   Retail
Home Depot Mexico AS2   Retail
Home Shopping Network FTPs Production Retail
Home Shopping Network FTPs Test Retail
Honda Manfacturing FTPs Production Automotive
Honda Manufacturing FTPs Test Automotive
Honda Manufacturing FTP Production Automotive
Honda Manufacturing FTP Test Automotive
Honeywell AS2 Production Manufacturing
Honeywell AS2 Test Manufacturing
Hormann Automotive OFTP2   Automotive
Hormel AS2   Consumer Packaged Goods
HP Direct AS2   Retail
HP-MFT AS2 HTTP   Software
HP-MFT AS2 HTTPS   Software
HP-MFT FTP HA LXA   Software
HP-MFT FTP HA LXA   Software
HP-MFT FTP HA LXP   Software
HP-MFT FTP HA LXP   Software
HP-MFT FTP Implicit   Software
HP-MFT FTP SSH   Software
HP-MFT FTP   Software
Hub Distributing (Anchor Blue) AS2   CPG-Apparel
Hunter Douglas AS2   Manufacturing
Hyundai AS2 Production Automotive
Hyundai AS2 Test Automotive
HyVee AS2   Grocery
I Connect FTP   Telecommunications
I360 Technologies AS2   EDI-VAN
IBM Business Exchange AS2   EDI-VAN
IBM Global Services AS2 HTTPs Production EDI-VAN
IBM Global Services AS2 HTTPs Test EDI-VAN
Idea IDX AS2   Telecommunications
Impact AS2   Software
Info Access AS2   Supply Chain Management
Ingram Micro AS2   EDI-VAN
Inovis AS2   EDI-VAN
Inovis FTP   EDI-VAN
Inovis FTPs   EDI-VAN
Intergrated Supply Network AS2 Production EDI-VAN
Intergrated Supply Network AS2 Test EDI-VAN
Interstate Warehousing AS2 AS2 Production Logistics(Fulfillment)
Interstate Warehousing AS2 AS2 Test Logistics(Fulfillment)
Intertape Polymer Group AS2   Manufacturing
InterTrade Systems AS2   Software
Intuit AS2 Production Software
Intuit AS2 Test Software
Irish Dairy Board AS2   Government
ITrade Network AS2 Test Supply Chain Management
ITrade Network AS2 Production Supply Chain Management
ITS FABRY AS2   Logistics(Fulfillment)
JB Hunt AS2   Logistics(Fulfillment)
JC Penney AS2   Retail
JD Smith AS2   Manufacturing
JD Wetherspoon AS2   Other
JDF Distribution AS2   Distribution
Jean Coutu Group AS2 Production Retail
Jean Coutu Group AS2 Test Retail
Jeld-Wen AS2   Manufacturing
Johnson Bros. AS2   Distribution
Johnson Controls AS2 Production Manufacturing
Johnson Controls AS2 Test Manufacturing
Johnson Controls Europe AS2   Energy
JP Morgan Chase AS2 Production Financial
JP Morgan Chase AS2 Test Financial
JP Morgan Chase FTPs Production Financial
JP Morgan Chase FTPs Test Financial
JP Morgan Chase SSH FTP Production Financial
JP Morgan Chase SSH FTP Test Financial
JP Morgan Chase AS2   Financial
JP Morgan Chase HTTPs   Financial
JP Morgan Chase FTP   Financial
Keeper Corp AS2   Manufacturing
Key Foods AS2 Production Grocery
Key Foods AS2 Test Grocery
Kia Motor Manufacturing AS2 HTTPs Production Automotive
Kia Motor Manufacturing AS2 HTTPs Test Automotive
Kimberly Clark AS2 Production Manufacturing
Kimberly Clark AS2 Test Manufacturing
Kinray AS2   Pharmaceutical
Kleinschmidt AS2   EDI-VAN
Kleinschmidt FTP   EDI-VAN
Kodiak AS2   Retail
Kohls AS2   Retail
Kraft AS2 Production Consumer Packaged Goods
Kraft AS2 Test Consumer Packaged Goods
Lakeland Dairies AS2   Consumer Packaged Goods
Land O Lakes AS2   Consumer Packaged Goods
Lean Logistics AS2 Production Logistics(Fulfillment)
Lean Logistics AS2 Test Logistics(Fulfillment)
Legend Data Systems SSH FTP   Software
Lenovo AS2 Production Retail
Lenovo AS2 Test Retail
LeSaint AS2   Logistics(Fulfillment)
Levi Strauss AS2 Production Manufacturing
Levi Strauss AS2 Test Manufacturing
Levy Home AS2   Publishing
LG AS2   Manufacturing
Li & Fung AS2   Supply Chain Management
Liaison AS2 Production EDI-VAN
Liaison AS2 Test EDI-VAN
Linens & Things AS3   Retail
Linksys AS2 HTTPs Production Retail
Linksys AS2 HTTPs Test Retail
Linksys Legacy AS2 Production Retail
Liz Claiborne AS2   Retail
Longs Drugs AS2   Pharmaceutical
Loren Data Network AS2   Software
Lowes AS2   Retail
Lowes AS3   Retail
Majesco AS2   Service Providers
Maplehurst Bakeries AS2   Retail
Marathon Oil Speedway AS2   Gas and Oil
Marketing Management AS2   Service Providers
Marks Work Wearhouse AS2   Retail
Marzetti AS2 Production Consumer Packaged Goods
Marzetti AS2 Test Consumer Packaged Goods
Masco AS2   Manufacturing
Maytag AS2   Manufacturing
McKesson AS2 Production Healthcare
McKesson AS2 Test Healthcare
McKesson Canada AS2 Production Healthcare
McKesson Canada AS2 Test Healthcare
McLane AS2   Supply Chain Management
Mead Johnson AS2 Production Healthcare
Mead Johnson AS2 Test Healthcare
MediClick AS2 Production Healthcare
MediClick AS2 Test Healthcare
Medline AS2 Production Healthcare
Medline AS2 Test Healthcare
Meijer AS2   Grocery
Menards AS2   Retail
Menlo AS2 Production Logistics(Fulfillment)
Menlo AS2 Test Logistics(Fulfillment)
Merck AS2 Production Healthcare
Merck AS2 Test Healthcare
Meridian IQ AS2   Logistics(Fulfillment)
Meritex Logistics AS2   Logistics(Fulfillment)
Mervyns AS2 Production Retail
Mervyns AS2 Test Retail
Metro Group AS2   Retail
Metro Inc AS2   Retail
Mezzetta AS2   Consumer Packaged Goods
Michaels FTPs   Retail
Michaels SSH FTP   Retail
Microsoft AS2 Production Retail
Microsoft AS2 Test Retail
Millard AS2 Productioon Distribution
Millard AS2 Test Distribution
Missouri DOR HTTPs   Government
MMI AS2   Financial
Mngt Information System Group FTP   Telecommunications
Mobis-USA AS2   Automotive
ModusLink AS2 Production Supply Chain Management
ModusLink AS2 Test Supply Chain Management
ModusLink AS2 HTTPs Production Supply Chain Management
ModusLink AS2 HTTPs Test Supply Chain Management
Moore-Handley AS2   Distribution
Morris Dickson AS2   Pharmaceutical
Motion Industies AS2   Distribution
Motivano FTPs Production Software
Motivano FTPs Test Software
Multifoods AS2   Consumer Packaged Goods
Mutual Distributing AS2   Distribution
Nabisco AS2   Consumer Packaged Goods
Nash Finch AS2   Grocery
National City FTP PGP   Financial
National Frozen Foods AS2   Grocery
NBC Universal AS2 Production Media/Entertainment
NBC Universal AS2 Test Media/Entertainment
NC Mutual Wholesale Drug AS2 Production Consumer Packaged Goods
NC Mutual Wholesale Drug AS2 Test Consumer Packaged Goods
Neff AS2   CPG-Apparel
Negotium Technologies AS2   Logistics(Fulfillment)
Nestle AS2 Production Consumer Packaged Goods
Nestle AS2 Test Consumer Packaged Goods
Nestle Waters AS2 Production Consumer Packaged Goods
Nestle Waters AS2 Test Consumer Packaged Goods
Niagara Bottling AS2   Beverage Distributor
Nike AS2   Retail
Nissan Mexicana AS2   Automotive
NNC Group AS2   Telecommunications
Northern Trust AS2 Test Financial
Northern Trust AS2 Production Financial
Notions Marketing AS2   Distribution
NuBridges FTP   EDI-VAN
NuBridges FTPs   EDI-VAN
Nubridges AS2   EDI-VAN
nVision Global AS2   Software
NYK Logistics AS2   Logistics(Fulfillment)
OBI AS2   Retail
OC Tanner FTP   Retail
Ocean Spray AS2 Production Consumer Packaged Goods
Ocean Spray AS2 Test Consumer Packaged Goods
Office Depot AS2 Production Retail
Office Depot AS2 Test Retail
Office Max AS2 Production Retail
Office Max AS2 Test Retail
Onlineshoes.com AS2   Online Retailer
OReilly AS2 Production Retail
OReilly AS2 Test Retail
Orvis AS2   Retail
Overstock.com AS2 Production Online Retailer
Overstock.com AS2 Test Online Retailer
Overstock.com FTPs Production Online Retailer
Overstock.com FTPs Test Online Retailer
Owens and Minor AS2 Production Supply Chain Management
Owens and Minor AS2 Test Supply Chain Management
Owens Corning AS2 Production Manufacturing
Owens Corning AS2 Test Manufacturing
Owens Direct AS2   EDI-VAN
Ozburn-Hessey AS2   Logistics(Fulfillment)
Pactiv AS2 Production Logistics(Fulfillment)
Pactiv AS2 Test Logistics(Fulfillment)
Page International AS2   Manufacturing
Panasonic AS2   Retail
Paramount Pictures AS2 Production Media/Entertainment
Paramount Pictures AS2 Test Media/Entertainment
ParcelPool AS2   Service Providers
Party America AS2   Retail
Party City AS2   Retail
Patterson AS2 Production Healthcare
Patterson AS2 Test Healthcare
Payformance SSH FTP   Healthcare
PCATS AS2 Production Gas and Oil
PCATS AS2 Test Gas and Oil
Pearle Benelux B.V AS2   Healthcare
Pegasus Logistics AS2 Production Logistics(Fulfillment)
Pegasus Logistics AS2 Test Logistics(Fulfillment)
Pella AS2   Retail
Pennant Foods Company AS2   Consumer Packaged Goods
Penske FTP   Logistics(Fulfillment)
PepsiCo AS2   Distribution
PepsiCo Quaker AS2 Production Consumer Packaged Goods
PepsiCo Quaker AS2 Test Consumer Packaged Goods
Perry Ellis AS2   CPG-Apparel
Petco AS2   Retail
PetSmart AS2   Retail
PG & E HTTPs   Energy/Utilities
Phoenix International Freight Services AS2   Logistics(Fulfillment)
Piggly Wiggly NC AS2   Grocery
Pilgrimspride AS2 Production Consumer Packaged Goods
Pilgrimspride AS2 Test Consumer Packaged Goods
Pinnacle Foods Corporation AS2   Distribution
PNC Bank FTPs Production Financial
PNC Bank FTPs Test Financial
Power Track AS2   EDI-VAN
Preferred Freezer Services AS2   Logistics(Fulfillment)
Price Chopper AS2   Grocery
Price Smart AS2   Retail
Prime Distribution AS2   Distribution
Primus AS2   Telecommunications
ProCard HTTPs   Telecommunications
Proctor and Gamble AS2 Test Consumer Packaged Goods
Proctor and Gamble AS2 Production Consumer Packaged Goods
Progrator Gatetrade AS2   Software
Promethean FTPs   Distribution
Pubnet FTP   Publishing
QLogitek/HB AS2   EDI-VAN
Quadrem AS2   Supply Chain Management
Quixtar AS2 Test Service Providers
Quixtar AS2 Production Service Providers
Ralcorp AS2   Consumer Packaged Goods
Raleys AS2 Test Grocery
Raleys AS2 Production Grocery
Regal Logistics AS2   Logistics(Fulfillment)
Retail Solutions AS2   Telecommunications
Rich Products AS2 Test Consumer Packaged Goods
RMIC SSH FTP SSH FTP Production Insurance
Roadway AS2   Logistics(Fulfillment)
Rolling Oats AS2   Distribution
Ross Products AS2   Healthcare
Rouse Electronics AS2   Technology Provider
Royal Bank of Canada FTPs Production Financial
Ryder FTP   Logistics(Fulfillment)
Safeway Foods AS2 Production Grocery
Safeway Foods AS2 Test Grocery
Samsung AS2 Production Retail
Samsung AS2 Test Retail
Sara Lee AS2 Production Distribution
Sara Lee AS2 Test Distribution
SARS (ECS) AS2   Government
Schneider Logistics AS2 Production Logistics(Fulfillment)
Schneider Logistics AS2 Test Logistics(Fulfillment)
Schnucks AS2 Production Grocery
Schnucks AS2 Test Grocery
SE Freight AS2   Logistics(Fulfillment)
Seagate Technology AS2 Production Manufacturing
Seagate Technology AS2 Test Manufacturing
Sears Canada AS2 Production Retail
Sears Canada AS2 Test Retail
Sears Holding AS2   Retail
Sharp Electronics AS2   Manufacturing
Sharp Freight FTP   Logistics(Fulfillment)
Shell AS2 Production Gas and Oil
Shell AS2 Test Gas and Oil
Shell Acceptance EDI AS2   Gas and Oil
Shell Acceptance NonEDI AS2   Gas and Oil
Shell NonEDI AS2 Production Gas and Oil
Shell NonEDI AS2 Test Gas and Oil
Sherwin Williams AS2 Production Retail
Sherwin Williams AS2 Test Retail
Shop at Home AS2   Online Retailer
Siemens SSH FTP   Software
Signature Brands AS2   Manufacturing
Smuckers AS2 Production Consumer Packaged Goods
Smuckers AS2 Test Consumer Packaged Goods
Snyders AS2   Consumer Packaged Goods
Sodexo AS2 HTTPs   Service Providers
Solutions 2 Go AS2   Distribution
Sonic Innovations FTP   Manufacturing
South Carolina ALIR FTP   Insurance
Southern Wine AS2   Distribution
SouthernWine AS2 Test Distribution
SP Richards AS2 Production Consumer Packaged Goods
SP Richards AS2 Test Distribution
Span America Medical Systems AS2   Consumer Packaged Goods
Spartan Stores AS2 Production Grocery
Spartan Stores AS2 Test Grocery
SportsKids FTP   Retail
SPS Commerce AS2 Production EDI-VAN
SPS Commerce AS2 Test EDI-VAN
SPS Commerce FTP   EDI-VAN
ST Micro Electronics AS2   Technology Provider
Staples Business Depot AS2 Production Retail
Staples Businesss Depot AS2 Test Retail
Stater Brothers AS2 Production Retail
Stater Brothers AS2 Test Retail
States Logistics AS2   Logistics(Fulfillment)
Sterling Commerce FTPs   EDI-VAN
Sterling Commerce AS2 HTTPs   EDI-VAN
Sterling Commerce FTP   EDI-VAN
Sterling Commerce AS2   EDI-VAN
Sterling Commerce IIB FTP   EDI-VAN
Sterling Gateway Broker FTP   EDI-VAN
Sterling TMS AS2 Production EDI-VAN
Sterling TMS AS2 Test EDI-VAN
Stora Enso AS2 HTTPs   Manufacturing
SuperValu AS2 Production Grocery
SuperValu AS2 Test Grocery
SupplyOn AS2 HTTPs Production Automotive
SupplyOn AS2 HTTPs Test Automotive
Supplyon (ECS) AS2 Production Automotive
Supplyon (ECS) AS2 Test Automotive
Swift HTTPs   Telecommunications
Syncada AS2   Financial
Synnex Canada AS2   Distribution
Synnex US AS2   Telecommunications
System 2000 AS2   Manufacturing
T Systems SSH FTP SSH FTP   Retail
Tapco AS2 AS2   Manufacturing
Target AS2 Production Retail
Target AS2 Test Retail
Target.Com AS2 Production Retail
Target.Com AS2 Test Retail
Targus Group AS2   Manufacturing
Tech Data AS2   Distribution
Technicolor AS2   Software
Telus AS2   Telecommunications
Tesco AS2 HTTPs Production Grocery
Tetra Pak AS2 Production Manufacturing
Tetra Pak AS2 Test Manufacturing
Texas Instrument AS2 HTTPs Production Manufacturing
Texas Instrument AS2 HTTPs Test Manufacturing
The Burrows Company AS2   Healthcare
Thermwell Products AS2   Manufacturing
ThyssenKrupp OFTP   Manufacturing
TJX AS2   Retail
TLS AS2   Software
TNT AS2   Media/Entertainment
Topco Assoc LLC AS2   Distribution
Toshiba AS2 Production Manufacturing
Toshiba AS2 Test Manufacturing
Toyota FTPs Test Automotive
Toyota FTPs Production Automotive
Toys R Us AS2   Retail
Tradanet FTP   EDI-VAN
TradeCard AS2 Production EDI-VAN
TradeCard AS2 Test EDI-VAN
TradeLink One AS2 Production Supply Chain Management
TradeLink One AS2 Test Supply Chain Management
Trans World Entertainment AS2 Production Retail
Trans World Entertainment AS2 Test Retail
Transalis AS2   Software
Translink ANX FTP   Logistics(Fulfillment)
Transplace AS2 Production Logistics(Fulfillment)
Transplace AS2 Test Logistics(Fulfillment)
TransSettlements FTP   Financial
Tri Mega AS2   Distribution
Trinary EDX AS2   EDI-VAN
TrueCommerce AS2   EDI-VAN
Tyco Electronics AS2   Manufacturing
Tyson Foods AS2 Production Consumer Packaged Goods
Tyson Foods AS2 Test Consumer Packaged Goods
UCB AS2   Financial
Ulta Inc. AS2   Retail
Unilever AS2 Production Manufacturing
United Stationers AS2 Production Distribution
United Stationers AS2 Test Distribution
UPS Supply Chain Services AS2   Logistics(Fulfillment)
Urban Outfitters FTP   Retail
US Bank HTTPs   Financial
US Bank AS2   Financial
US Customs and Border Patrol MQ Production Government
US Customs and Border Patrol MQ Test Government
US Foodservice AS2 Production Distribution
US Foodservice AS2 Test Distribution
US Freightways AS2 Production Logistics(Fulfillment)
US Freightways AS2 Test Logistics(Fulfillment)
US Steel FTP   Manufacturing
USA Truck AS2   Logistics(Fulfillment)
USDA RHS HTTPs   Distribution
USPS AS2 Production Logistics(Fulfillment)
USPS AS2 Test Logistics(Fulfillment)
Valero Energy AS2 Production Gas and Oil
Valero Energy AS2 Test Gas and Oil
Value Logistics AS2 Production Logistics(Fulfillment)
Value Logistics AS2 Test Logistics(Fulfillment)
ValueCentric AS2 Production Pharmaceutical
ValueCentric AS2 Test Pharmaceutical
VCommerce AS2 Production Telecommunications
VCommerce AS2 Test Telecommunications
Vendor Net FTP   Telecommunications
Verizon AS2   Telecommunications
Versacold AS2   Distribution
Vesdia SSH FTP   Service Providers
Vision AS2   Logistics(Fulfillment)
Vision Information Logistics FTP   Logistics(Fulfillment)
Visteon FTP Production Automotive
Visteon FTP Test Automotive
Vitality Foodserver AS2   Manufacturing
Vitran Logistics FTP   Logistics(Fulfillment)
Volkswagen OFTP2   Automotive
Volkswagen America AS2 Production Automotive
Volkswagen America AS2 Test Automotive
Volvo OFTP   Automotive
Volvo OFPT2   Automotive
VW SSH FTP   Automotive
VWR AS2 HTTPs Production Distribution
VWR AS2 HTTPs Test Distribution
Wachovia AS2 Production Financial
Wachovia AS2 Test Financial
Wachovia SSH FTP SSH FTP Test Financial
Walmart AS2   Retail
Walmart FTPs FTPs   Retail
Walt Disney Parks Resorts SSH FTP   Media/Entertainment
Ward Manufacturing AS2   Manufacturing
Watts Brothers AS2   Distribution
WC Distribution FTP   Distribution
Webco AS2   Manufacturing
Weber Distribution AS2   Logistics(Fulfillment)
Wegmans Food Market AS2   Grocery
Wellogix AS2 Test Gas and Oil
Wellogix AS2 Production Gas and Oil
Wells Fargo HTTPs   Financial
Wells Fargo FTPs Production Financial
Wells Fargo FTPs Test Financial
Westco AS2 Production Manufacturing
Westco AS2 Test Manufacturing
Western Digital AS2 Production Manufacturing
Western Digital AS2 Test Manufacturing
Westlake Hardware AS2   Retail
Whirlpool AS2 Test Manufacturing
Whirlpool AS2 Production Manufacturing
White Rain AS2   Consumer Packaged Goods
Windsor Foods AS2   Manufacturing
Winn-Dixie AS2 Test Grocery
Winn-Dixie AS2 Production Grocery
WinRep AS2   Software
Wise Snacks AS2   Consumer Packaged Goods
Worldsync AS2   Service Providers
WS Badcock AS2 Production Retail
WS Badcock AS2 Test Retail
XIGN - Verizon FTP   EDI-VAN
Yellow Transportation AS2   Transportation
Zyme AS2 Production EDI-VAN

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