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LexiCom® for Honda Suppliers

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Connect to the Honda Hub Easily with LexiCom as provided by Cleo Communications through CTI Communications.

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Honda recently informed suppliers of the need to change their method of communicating EDI data, manufacturing, and R/D drawings to Honda.  Honda is discontinuing the use of the IBM VAN and is requesting that suppliers either connect directly to the Honda Supply Team Hub “HSThub” via FTP/s, or connect through ANX.  Although Honda may support VAN interconnects, it will no longer pay any VAN fees.

Direct communications to the Honda Hub, HSThub, must use an approved FTP/S product such as Cleo’s LexiCom.

It's easy for you to make the change.  If you are a LexiCom user, the transition is simple by just adding a pre-configured Honda connection, and you can be connected in minutes.  If you are not using LexiCom, then contact CTI Communictions for details on how to get connected in about an hour with no retraining of your EDI coordinator!

Key LexiCom Features:

  • Easy to Use: Install in just a few minutes
  • Tightly Integrated with leading EDI translators including Sterling’s Gentran, Inovis’ TrustedLink, EDS’ EDI Asset, and many others.  This eliminates EDI coordinator retraining.
  • Multiple Protocol Support: Whatever your requirement, FTP, FTP/S, HTTP, HTTP/S, AS2, AS3, or ebXML, Cleo has your connection.
  • Over 100 pre-configured Trading Partner connections. In addition to Honda, LexiCom connects to Fiat-Chrysler, Ford, GM, BMW, Johnson Controls, Lear, Freightliner, Detroit Diesel, Hyundai, Covisint, GXS, ANX, and many others.
  • Cleo's Full Support: Expert assistance, 8 to 5, coast to coast.


  • Can I use a non-approved communication product to connect directly to Honda?
    No, you can only use an approved product to connect directly via FTP/S or you can connect indirectly through ANX.  CTI recommends Cleo's LexiCom as the scalable Internet communications solution, tested with and approved by Honda.
  • Is it more economical to connect indirectly via ANX or directly via FTP/S?
    Suppliers connecting via ANX pay the full cost of all communication charges. Typically, it is more economical to purchase LexiCom to connect directly to Honda. The software cost pays for itself in savings in ANX charges over just a few months.
  • Will Honda support Bisync or Async communications?
    No, only Internet communications will be allowed.
  • What do I need to do if I'm using Bisync or Async to connect to Honda?
    Call CTI Communications to get information on LexiCom.
  • Does LexiCom offer a preconfigured host for Honda?
    Yes, Cleo offers a preconfigured host to save you setup time.
  • Honda requires a password change every 90 days. Does Cleo solve this problem?
    Yes. LexiCom automatically changes the password with its automatic password update feature.
  • I'm already a LexiCom user, what do I need to do?
    Simply contact CTI Communications to purchase a pre-configured host for Honda.
  • I'm already a LexiCom user with an existing host connection to Honda via another VAN, what do I need to do?
    Honda encourages all suppliers to fully evaluate potential savings by coming to the HSThub directly. If you decide to connect directly to Honda, then Cleo will get you up and running with Honda before you decommission your existing connection.

Cleo leads the way with thousands of automotive suppliers using LexiCom. LexiCom products cover all security requirements and the demand for scalable options. Any trading partner, any protocol, any network, Cleo has your connection.

To inquire about pricing or to place an order for LexiCom:

Contact us at 1-201-563-7800

CTI is an authorized Cleo Reseller offering LexiCom for Honda:

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For more information on Honda EDI visit www.HondaSupplyTeam.com or email the North American Logistics Systems Group at: HondaEDI@ham.honda.com


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