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U.S. Address

CTI Communications

Div. of Consul Tec, Inc.

PO Box 6027

Reading, PA 16910 USA

Phone: 201-563-7800



Mexican Address

CTI Communications

Av. Vallarta 3233 H9P.A.

Col. Vallarta Poniente 

Guadaljara, Jalisco 

44110  Mexico

Phone: (52) 1 33 3368 7980


CTI Communications Core Values Values

Since our founding in 1980, CTI Communications has made considerable progress toward creating a successful and dynamic company. Our unwavering commitment to a set of four core values system has contributed to our overall success.

       Customer Satisfaction
We regard it as a privilege to serve our customers. We make 100% customer satisfaction our overriding priority.

         Professional Courtesy
We pride ourselves with the highest level of business ethics and professional courtesy.

We demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism and quality in everything we do.

         Goal and Action Orientation
We set aggressive goals and have a
predisposition for action.



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