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Some of our Chrysler EBMX Customers and Sample Testimonials




CTI Communications has been a software vendor to Chrysler and their suppliers for over twenty five years.

Here is a sample of a few of our Chrysler® Suppliers.

● 4C Solutions Incusa  ● A.R.M. ● Accounts Receivable Technologies  ● Advantage Security  ● Aero Global Logistics  ● A. Harvey & Co. ●  Alcone Merchandise  ● Applied MéxicoMéxico  ● Asset Management Outsourcing  ● AutoVin - ADESA  ● Automated Collections Technologies  ● Balogh Becker LTD (Law Office)  ● Bass & Associates Law Office  ● Berman, Blake NY  ● Bit Graphica  ● Border Computers  ● Bradley de Mexico  ● C&H Castings  ● Capacitacion Servicios en Sitio  ●  Car Logistics de Mexico  ●  Carter Express  ● Cartonera Plastica  ● Central Credit Services  ●  Chopper Logistics  ● Consultoria en Ingenieria Mantenimiento  ● Corporacion CLC Solutions  ●  Credit Trends  ● CRS - Commercial Recovery Systems  ● Daimler Financial Services Mexico  ● Deluxe Auto Carriers  ●  Detroit Auto Carriers  ●  DGB de Mexico  ● DURR de Mexico  ● Excel Auto Transport  ● Expert Delivery Services  ●  Fort Knox National Company  ● FacturaXion - Freight Ideas  ● Fort Knox National  ● Gorrie Co International  ● Grupo Advantage de Mexico  ●  Grupo Loz-Car Mexico  ● Grupo SSC Mexico  ● Imperial Credit Systems  ●  Interior Truck Trim   ● INVISO Automotive Mexico  ●  ITA Group  ●  Kapitan H - J. Moller Und Partner  ● Laboratorio SAS/Control Quimico Novamann  ● Liberty Global Logistics  ●  M&I Support Services  ●  J. R. Thompson  ●  J. Moller Und Partner ●  JRV Consulting Services  ● Kansas City Southern de Mexico  ● Magneti Marelli Sistemas Electronicos Mexico  ●  Manheim Detroit Auto Auction  ● Marubeni Itochu Steel de Mexico  ● Mega Direct  ● M&I Support Services  ● Monteerre Mexico Transportes de Carga  ● MRS Associates  ● Nagel Precision de Mexico  ●  NCO Financial Systems  ●  Nordson de Mexico  ● Nut & Bolts  ●  OEconnectionUS  ●  Omnium Worldwide  ● PAE Mexico  ● Plaza Associates  ●  Pokorny Sales & Manufacturing  ● PRAX  ● QUORUM ● Rumble Trucking & Logistics  ● Sensortrol Tech  ● SGS Automotive Services  ●  SSA Mexico  ● SSC de Mexico  ●  Steel Technologies de Mexico  ● Super Transporte InternationalMexico ●  Sunrise Credit Services  ●  SYNTEC   ● TangoeUSA  ● Tanner Maquinas y Herramientas   ● Team Guide de Mexico  ● TekSolutions  ●  Tiburon Financial LLC   ● Tolgas  ● Steel Technologies de Mexico  ● TransMontaigne  ●  TST Transportation  ●  TSYS Debt Management  ● Universal Fidelity Corporation  ● Veritech Financial Services LLC   ● Viaduct AB  ● Wolverine Solutions Group  ● Yale Industrial Trucks Ontario Ltd.  ● and others.

Other customers are listed here.


From Mexico:

Hemos estado utilizando exitosamente durante 10 meses el programa EBMX HTTPs para el intercambio de documentos electrónicos (EDI) con el sistema EBMX de Chrysler. 

Éste sistema se conecta a través de Internet utilizando el protocolo HTTPs.  El programa es muy amigable y abierto, ya que permite configurar los directorios de envío y recepción, así como configurar el nombre de los archivos EDI entrantes.  Esto fue importante para nosotros ya que nos facilitó el proceso de importación a nuestro sistema. 

Otra funcionalidad del programa es que nos permite ver el contenido de nuestro buzón en Chrysler, para ver los documentos que hemos recibido, los que están pendientes por recibir y poder solicitar la recepción nuevamente de un documento que se haya  recibido anteriormente. 

Pienso que EBMX HTTPs es un excelente programa debido a su funcionalidad y efectividad para comunicarse con el sistema EBMX de Chrysler. René Lozano, PRAX Consultores.

English translation...

Over the past 10 months we have been successfully using the EBMX HTTPs for electronic document interchange (EDI) with Chrysler's EBMX System.

This one system connects through the Internet using the HTTP/S protocol.  The program is very friendly and is open since it allows to the user to specify the directories of shipment and reception, as well as to specify the name of incoming archives for EDI.  This was important for us since it facilitated the process of import to our system.

Another functionality of the program is that it allows us to see the content of our mailbox at Chrysler, to see the documents that we have received, those that are pending to receive and to be able to again ask for the reception of a document that has been received previously.

I think that the EBMX HTTPs is an excellent program due to its functionally and effectiveness to communicate with EBMX system at Chrysler.   René Lozano, PRAX Consultores.

From Canada

 "Just to give you an update - after configuring our proxy server, our installation of your EBMX program went very smoothly. Testing with Chrysler on both their test server and their production server went through the first time without a problem. Your program is very easy to set up and use. And, your support has been great. Thanks!"  Gordon Dickie, Yale Industrial Lift Trucks, Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada


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