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Brett Pate, EDI Coordinator, DSI Toys, Inc.

"One of my biggest concerns when it came time to purchase an EDI package was integration. I wanted the ability to translate, communicate, and schedule them all in one program. CTI Communications has enabled me with this ability. By integrating CTI's FastSync® CommLink package with Application Integrator, I can perform all these actions and schedule them from one program. My WalMart and GEIS communication scripts have worked perfectly. CTI Communications has performed above and beyond the call of duty with supporting me with installation, setup, and with any customizations I have needed. I'm very thankful for coming across the GE/CTI partnership. Thanks again." Brett Pate, EDI Coordinator, DSI Toys, Inc.


Jason Bogart-Palmisano, IS Manager, Westcon Contact Lens Co.

I came into our company recently and the first problem I faced was adding EDI capabilities to our systems. You folks at CTI were very responsive and courteous and we had all of our equipment within a few days of first contacting you with general questions. Once the equipment got here, I read the instructions and was pulling test documents [from WalMart] within minutes. I have a lot of experience in the computer field and rarely has any project gone so smoothly. Thanks again." Jason Bogart-Palmisano, IS Manager, Westcon Contact Lens Co.

Ken Lee, Information Technologies Manager, TSN, Incorporated.

"We went on a search to find something besides [xxxx] for our data communication needs. We happened to stumble upon CTI's web site. After some evaluation regarding cost and our other needs, we decided on their communications software to use with our Sterling GenTran Director EDI program As soon as we received the software I had it up and pulling all of our EDI [from Wal-Mart & McLane Divisions] the next day. I also found the technical staff to be very knowledgeable when I had questions. Thank you for a great product." Ken Lee, Information Technologies Manager, TSN, Incorporated.

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To: robert.rhoden@mail.publix.com (Robert Rhoden); Copies to: mikeg@bkb.usa.com

From: Scott_Walsh@CSCOOP.CA

Robert: Thank you for passing on the information about the Butterkrust Bakery and their success with CTI's SyncPack. Michael Golden was kind enough to respond to me by e-mail. I have tested their SyncPack2000e package from CTI Communications successfully. I am moving it in to production tomorrow thanks to the Help of technical support, a communications specialist who works out of Florida (and who uses your ATMs), and John Eilertsen of CTI Communications. If anyone else is having similar trouble getting files via RJE I would certainly have no problem recommending SyncPack software. I hope you have a happy new year!

Wayne Pike, IS Manager (NCSC)

"I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for developing such a fine product. Your FastSync software is a great solution [for Dayton-Hudson Connect Mailbox]. I worked for 2 weeks trying to get one of you competitor’s packages working with our client without success. After purchasing your FastSync software, we were up and running in a matter of minutes. In fact, we not only had the software setup, but we had successfully connected to, sent files to, and received files from our client within an hour. This is something that we had not been able to do with the competitor’s package. Again, thank you." Wayne Pike, IS Manager (NCSC)

Len Church, President, Union Data Systems

"We recently used your SyncPack2000e product (with your FastSync software) in a crisis situation. We are EDI integrators and had a new client. We were at the climax of evaluating upgrades to our existing products and some new offerings. Much to our dismay, we found none of these would integrate without the need for end-user involvement and some big name products came replete with patches fixes and excuses. We had two choices, build it really fast or embark on another twilight zone experience. We went both ways, stop one, SyncPack2000e, after about 30 minutes we halted the development route. We’re pleased to say that SyncPack turned out to be a practical, intuitive and easy to integrate product, not to mention affordable, it’s about 80% less than either of the other packages. We actually had to do a serious reality check to accept our first successful send and receive. We’re relieved to find this product and are making plans to include it as our standard communication component." Sincerely, Len Church, President, Union Data Systems

Gene Gieber, Communications Products, CCCorp

"Have I died and go to heaven or what? Computer Consultants Corporation provides turnkey solutions for credit unions across the country. In the financial industry, an old bi-sync protocol is still a primary source of data communications. We have been looking for a simple solution to meet our Credit Union needs. Our current product has been a nightmare to support, as it requires a [xxxx] external sync-cable device with external power supply and is very picky about its operating environment. We have now been introduced to FastSync BSC software. After workinrg briefly with CTI’s technical support, we were able to get FastSync up and running in our multi-user environment. It works great, and at high speeds. It is easy to install, and works every time! The software is so easy to support over the phone, we are now able to concentrate on other features of our software, without having to worry about data transmissions anymore."

"Your FastSync software offers us so many more options than [xxxx]. We hope your great support over the past few weeks will continue. With support like that, I predict we will be with CTI for many, MANY years." W. Ken Kirkbride, Communications Products, CCCorp

Leigh Dworkin, SoftWindows Product Line Manager (Insignia Solutions Inc.)

"SoftWindows is also available on a variety of Unix platforms to run your software, in particular HP 9000s running HP/UX, IBM RS/6000s running AIX, Sun SparcStation systems running Solaris or SunOS 4.1.4 and SGI systems running IRIX.""

Phil Stanley, Virtual Business Link

This E-mail message was copied to CTI by Phil Stanley (http://www.asppages.net) who was responding to an EDI question from Daniel Strocker at the Freiburg University in Germany. Bold highlights added by CTI.

Daniel, In answer to your question...

I have evaluated about a half a dozen Internet EDI offerings and have found that their are many pros and cons to each. Many are no more than a forms based solution while others are database driven solutions.

The database solutions are the best Internet EDI solution since you can develop other applications around the database. That is, if your vendor items are already in the database to support EDI, you can also use the database data to develop a Web based purchasing system for your internal users.

The challenge today for Internet EDI is securely moving sensitive data over the public network. This problem has a solution thanks to VPN technology. By placing a server with PPTP on the Internet, you can establish a secure mailboxing system where companies can trade data in the same fashion as they do with VANs. Once this catches on, the VANs will have to market their services based on added services and not mailboxing and secure networking.

Using products with PPTP and a mailboxing system like the FastSync® Client/Server TCP/IP based product from CTI Communications, an internet based mailboxing system can easily and inexpensively be set up by companies.

I see a highly competitive market for secure FTP solutions coming in the future and I also see numerous Internet based VPN providers appearing on the Internet over the next few years with the VANs multi-billion dollar a year pie being shared by many of these new Internet based mailboxing systems. Just my thoughts! Phil Stanley

John Bennett (Release Management Systems)

"The FastSync [BSC] product has many clear advantages over the corresponding competitive product, not the least of which are speed of execution, and superior speed and competency of the CTI technical support....."

Don Smith (Sales-Tech Corp.)

"We have many SPECIALISTS on our staff, such as talented programmers and Communication guru's. Your product is bound to make enemies, by purchasing it, I have gotten rid of our mystical Communications gurus and our secretive Assembler programmers altogether and put them to work on more meaningful projects. Not only has our company benefited internally, but our clients love us! We have given them something unheard of, a reliable, secure, easy communications program. Our clients are primarily Banks, Investment Firms and Telemarketers. The last thing that I want to mention is your tech support. I have called the tech number myself and I have never been treated so well. Someone who understands your problem and can explain it to you is rare! Thanks to all of you and continued SUCCESS!"

Randall O. Smith (Data Management Strategies)

"An Open Letter of Appreciation ...Today's real world demands, especially in the computer consulting industry, make it virtually impossible for one business to possess all the expertise necessary to service its clients. To be successful any business must recognize quickly the importance of having other firms to call upon to provide needed expertise, products, or service. These alliances are most often made out of necessity but they endure because of trust. To refer a client to another business is to put your reputation in another's hands. Such is the relationship Data Management Strategies is lucky enough to have with CTI Communications. In providing Electronic Data Interchange consulting services and software design to American and European clients, we at DMS rely on CTI personnel to provide communications products and expertise. When asked to recommend products we immediately reply "CTI." We've found that whether the client is a new entrant into telecommunications, or a seasoned veteran with a significant investment in software and hardware, CTI can provide solutions that fit. The FastSync product is our choice for EDI communications needs." proedi.com

Anjun Factor (Fujitsu Systems of America, Inc.)

"I have completed the evaluation of your FastSync software. My conclusion is that it is an excellent package."

Peter Lemay (Automated Business Development, Inc.)

""Thank you for providing such a practical solution for communications. As a network gateway to several pricing services, it is the perfect solution for our current needs as well as our future EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) plans. With communication interfaces in over 65% of the mutual fund industry throughout the U.S., I simply cannot afford a problem in electronic data transmission. I need a reliable communications software package that is easy to use, easy to install and very fast. After considerable research, I chose FastSync. It not only satisfied my reliability concerns, but it works perfectly with our existing hardware configuration and was competitively priced as well. The ability to run on multiple hardware boards is a real plus. Frankly, I still cannot believe how fast it is compared with our previous software."

Steve Jenkins (Michigan National Corporation)

""I have worked with your FastSync product and am impressed...as potential customers emerge, I will plan on steering them in your direction.""

Mike Oberding (Merchant Data Service, Inc.)

"I've used many communications software packages, but I've never liked one so much as your FastSync. And, in terms of screen appearance I think it's the best I've ever seen - clean, understandable, and functional."

Robert Levitt (Management Techniques, Inc.)

"Communications between different hardware environments with dissimilar operating systems can be a very complex problem. The CTI 4824/SyncPack provided an integrated hardware and software solution for our requirements. The hardware was easy to install, the FastSync software was very functional, and your technical support was excellent. Thank you."

James Maiani (Data Techniques)

"Knowing that we have the expertise of CTI Communications behind us, there doesn't seem to be anything we can't do! When faced with an EDI communication problem recently that needed to be customized into our accounting software system, CTI's FastSync product worked perfectly. And best of all it was easy to use. Easy enough that it runs itself once installed. That's what we VARs like! CTI, you're #1!

Pat Morrow (Seven Layers Communications, Inc.)

"....it has been a pleasure dealing with CTI over the past several months. You and your team have been sensitive to my requirements and eager to provide my clients with the products they need. Whenever anyone is looking for your protocol, I plan on recommending CTI."

Jim Shain, (First NH Banks)

"I am writing you to thank you for your recommendation of FastSync for our lockbox department. Before FastSync, we were running a synchronous package that required 29 separate steps to transmit a single file. With the FastSync software, one command is all that is required. This has freed our operators to concentrate on the job at hand, and not the world of telecommunications. Not only did the product work well, the sales and support departments worked wonderfully well. I called on Wednesday, October 17th and expressed our needs for a synchronous system. On Thursday morning the SyncPack had arrived, and within minutes we were transmitting the work. This service is hard to find in these times. I have recommended your company to our PC installation and purchasing department for all of our synchronous needs. Thank you once again for making things simple."

Randall Jones (Southern Concepts, Inc.)

"Your FastSync software sure does what it says it will do! I couldn't be happier if I wrote it myself and I couldn't have done it any better. It's just great."

Phil Kaminsky (Integrated Telecommunication Software Corp.)

"I have been using one of your FastSync software protocols for the past year and found it to be quicker, more reliable and easier to use than any other communications package. Also the documentation is very readable which makes it easy to resolve any problems that occur. I have replaced all my former customers who used other communications packages with your FastSync. They're up and running within 10 minutes. I particularly appreciate your Technical Support Department and their patience in answering all my special EDI interfacing needs."

Mark Browning (Digital Communications Associates)

"We have evaluated your software and find it pretty amazing. It does everything you said it would. Your high level software is exactly what we were looking for and what our customers will need for EDI. It functioned perfectly and any future business that comes our way will be directed to you. We look forward to doing business together in the future."

Randy Smith (Data Management Strategies, Ltd.)

"Thanks again for your prompt assistance in resolving our communications requirements. In this industry one is constantly confronted by the need for fast, dependable solutions to problems. Having CTI as a proven, reliable source of technology and expertise has again allowed my company to remain competitive. We needed a system to satisfy a trading partner's testing requirements in various protocols. I am happy to report that the FastSync software, and knowledgeable technical support have come through for us. We passed all required testing with a minimum of hassle in a very expeditious manner. Our ability to quickly configure and test in varying modes gave very good testimony to your software as well as proving our product's capabilities to drive any and all communications that can be put on the machine."

Dave Cook (David H. Cook & Associates)

"Thought you would like to know it only took FastSync one try before I connected to the IRS to send my initial test log-in information and test data. Its worked every time since for sending in my client's Tax Returns. Your software is splendid and your tech support great."

David K. Voss, Systems Manager, CMI Tech Center

"CMI Tech Center has been utilizing [FastSync] CTI-CADX [Chrysler oriented] software for the last [three] years for our data communications with Chrysler, and have found it to be extremely reliable and efficient method for CATIA data exchange. CTI has also been very responsive to our technical support needs, and I would recommend them for CATIA exchange with Chrysler."

Lou Perlotto, CADs, Division of Capitol Reproductions

"I've seen tested the two main packages for Chrysler and have run several tests - it's no contest. The CTI FastSync package wins hands down!"

John Viviano, Manager, VEHMA International of America, Inc. (Division of MAGNA International)

"Our company needs the best in data communications - especially for moving our CAD files. After reviewing available packages for the CAD mailbox system, we selected the CTI package and subsequently recommended it to all other MAGNA operations and divisions. The program is user friendly, well thought out, full featured and has a fast, easy installation procedure. The sales approach was very straight forward, honest and knowledgeable. Finally, the CTI technical staff has proven to be available, efficient and does the job right the first time."

Erik Roeren, Senior CAD/CAM Engineer, ITT Automotive

"After reviewing available packages, ITT Automotive settled on CTI's FastSync because of its excellent features and ease of use. We just plugged in and it worked. We are very satisfied with your system."

Jim Sekely, Sekely Industries

"I installed your RS/6000 CADX system and it worked the first time. In fact, it was flawless. I found it simple to use and the performance is very good - certainly much better than the 3rd Party Network I was using. Your system has proven itself to be exceptionally reliable - every CATIA file I've transferred converted on my CATIA seat perfectly. And, whenever I needed help from your technical support department, it was immediate and excellent. I can strongly recommend your system."

Yomi Famurewa, Project Manager, Graphic Data Systems Corporate Technical Computing Group AlliedSignal Corporation

"We tried the other system, but only the CTI-CADX [with your FastSync 3780 software] system satisfied our CAD file transfer needs. When using our RS/6000 seats we appreciate the total flexibility that the CTI system gives us - we're not tied into doing things a particular way as dictated by application type communication programs."

Joe Gulian - Ronart Industries

"Before we started using the Chrysler CTX mailbox system, it was very slow. Now using your system, we pulled down our CAD files without using any type of data compression in record time. In some cases we've picked up a whole days improvement getting the production part data to our CAD/CAM development platforms. Further, our costs are now only a fraction of what they used to be. I've installed your CTI CADX system on an old PC which has an Ethernet & TCP/IP connection to an RS/6000. This frees-up our RISC 6000 system to be used only for production purposes. It's very fast, and I pretty much do it all automatically through batch files on the PC and shell scripts on the RISC 6000. Thanks for your excellent product!"