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Recommended Bell 201 (2,400bps) & Bell 208 (4,800bps) Synchronous Modems


Recommended 9,600/14,400bps Synchronous Modems
  • ATI 9600ETC/e® V.32
  • FastComm® FDX-9696 V.32
  • Hayes® Smartmodem®
  • Hayes ULTRA® V.32
  • Hayes OPTIMA® V.32
  • MultiTech V.32 MT932EAB
  • Racal-Datacom (with SADL)
  • Racal-Datacom 9632PA
  • UDS FasTalk™ V.32
  • UDS V.3225 and V.3227
  • Motorola 3229
  • U.S. Robotics® Courier HST®
  • U.S. Robotics Courier® V.32
  • Western Datacom® 432 V.32
  • CTI V.32bis SyncPack®
  • Racal-Datacom V3222
  • Image TWINCOM® V.32bis

The Hayes OPTIMA Business Modems (336 and 56K) are in stock.

Call for more information.

Modems for use with Cleo products.



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