Migration to FCA's EMTS

Step 1: Download FastSync (CTI's EMTS Application)

The first step is to generate the SSH Key to allow passwordless access to the FCA server. This process is automated by FastSync, our EMTS' application approved by FCA.

Proceed to download FastSync.

Download FastSync

The file will be downloaded

Uncompress it and the file FastSync.jar will appear. Move it to the working directory of your preference

Step 2: Wait to receive confirmation from CTI Communications

Provide CTI with your FCA ID Number (5 Digit Code) and wait for the confirmation that your FCA ID Number has been added to the Trial Server for the SSH Key Generation.

Step 3: Start FastSync and generate the SSH Public Key

The SSH Public Key will be used to enable passwordless access to the Trial server and FCA server

Start FastSync

In OS X and Linux

Open the Terminal. Change to the directory where FastSync is located and type:

java -jar FastSync.jar

In Windows

Open File Manager and double click on the FastSync.jar icon

FastSync will be started

The Company Registration screen will appear. Fill out the blanks and click on the Next button.

Start FastSync: register

The FastSync Configuration page will be displayed with default values. In the field FCA ID number type your 5 digit code and click on the Save button.

Start FastSync: configuration

Step 4: Generate the SSH Public Key

Important: The SSH Public Key needs to be generated on the Computer/Server that will be used to transmit files to FCA. The passwordless access to the FCA server will only be granted for the Computer/Server where the SSH Publc Key was generated.

In the menu goto Actions::Generate Public Key

Generate the SSH Public Key

Check the "Send key by mail" check box and click on the "Generate Public SSH Key" button

Send key by mail

A dialog box will appear confirming that the transaction was executed succesfully

Transaction message

Step 5: Wait to receive confirmation from CTI Communications

An eMail will be sent with the confirmation that your SSH Public key has been added to the FCA server.

Congratulations: The setup process is complete!!!