Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an identifier for files transmitted?

Yes, there is an identifier for each file transmitted and it is written in the sftp log file after transmission

The transmission identifier has the following format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.MILISEC followed by the transmitted file name. ie: 2020-01-08 11:36:24.817 File upload successful: EDI850-1366-A10.txt

In addition, after transmission the file it is moved from the Outbox directory to the Sent directory

Visually, in the main Transmission Screen every file will appear with status "Pending" when FastSync identifies that there is a file to be transmitted. After transmitting the file, a new row will appear listing the file with status "Sent" indicating that is was transmitted successfully

If the transmission attemp failed, the file will not be transmitted and it will remain the the Outbox directory

After start using EMTS, would EBMX still work for a period of time?

No, after migrating to EMTS, EBMX can no longer be used

I am not receiving some response files from FCA

This is a data related problem.

Please open a ticket with the FCA Helpdesk @ 1-866-322-3274 for EMTS issues. Ask the Operator to assign the incident to the Enterprise Message Transmission System (EMTS) ticket group.