Latest news for all FIAT-CHRYSLER suppliers

2019 was the start of the supplier migration to the new IBM EMTS communications system announced in 2018 for handling EDI and Non-EDI file transmissions. Many suppliers have already taken advantage of this early migration.

Beginning January 13, 2020, the EMTS migration will startup for 2020. And, this includes both production and non-production suppliers for handling both EDI and Non-EDI transmissions.

You are urged to call CTI Communications at +1 (201) 563 7800 (US) or +52 (33) 3368 7980 to schedule your company’s slot in the 2021 migration.

Read below the January 2021 letter ffrom FCA.

Letter Fiat-Chrysler January 2021

To All FCA-Chrysler Suppliers

Migration from EBMX to EMTS

Dear Supplier,

Regarding the mandatory FCA migration from Electronic Business Message eXchange (EBMX) to a new platform called Enterprise Message Transmission System (EMTS) is expected to be completed by August 2021.

Please take a look into following scenarios and let us know which one fits on your current situation:

a) If you manage your connection directly to FCA or a 3rd party does and they do not act as a VAN, you should start the migration process from EBMX to EMTS. FCA provides three protocols to send/receive transactions:

1) AS2


3) MyFileGateway (Web portal)

If this is the case, let us know following:

1. Which protocol is more appropriate for you.

2. Current EBMX account(s) and supplier code(s).

b) If a 3rd party is acting as a VAN (i.e. you send/receive EDI transactions to/from 3rd party) then no action is required on your part as we (FCA) will work directly with the VAN and it should be transparent to you. If this is the case, please provide the VAN´s name and your supplier code(s).

c) If you are currently migrating to a Value Added Network (VAN), please respond with the VAN’s name and your supplier code(s) also include the target completion date if migrating to a VAN.

d) If are currently using a VAN or 3rd party and you want to manage your connection directly, then let us know following:

1. Which protocol is more appropriate for you.

2. Current EBMX account(s) and supplier code(s).

Once everything is ready for migration, a confirmed migration date will be set based upon available dates. Please note, delays in addressing this will reduce available migration dates to choose from.

Failure to respond to the migration request could result in the following:

• Inability to exchange data such as purchase orders, invoices, shipping schedules, planning schedules and advanced shipping notices

• Disruption of supply chain for manufacturing and assembly plants

• Delayed payments for parts and services

• Interruption in the flow of critical data between FCA and supplier partners

• Adverse impact on supplier rating

All information regarding to EMTS and connections protocols can be found here: https://ps.nafta.extra.fcagroup.com/sites/itb-ebus/Pages/Enterprise-Message-Transmission-System.aspx.


Kenneth Ferrari

Manager B2B Services Fiat Chrysler Automobiles


This is the letter Fiat-Chrysler sent to all suppliers in late, 2018

To All FCA-Chrysler Suppliers

EBMX/EDI Modernization

FCA US values the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and managed file transfer relationship that we currently have with your company and we want to make you aware of an important change that will take place soon.

Beginning in January 2019, FCA US will start the transition away from using Electronic Business Message eXchange (EBMX) for file transmissions, and adopt a new solution that is based on the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator platform. The new system is called Enterprise Message Transmission System (EMTS).

There are three options for connecting to the new system:●●●●

● Direct connection via SFTP (port 22)

● Direct connection via AS2 (HTTP/port 80 and HTTPS/port 443)

● Value Added Network connection (VAN) Some of the key considerations for EMTS are:

● No file content is changing

● EMTS is available over the Internet

● VPNs are no longer supported; existing VPNs will be decommissioned in preference of the above protocols available over the Internet.

● SFTP will use pre-shared keys for authentication

● The EBMX HTTPS mailbox & FTP protocols are no longer supported on EMTS As the first step in the process, we are contacting all current trading partners and asking them to provide the following information:

● Current contact information for the person(s) who will be responsible for connectivity changes during the migration from EBMX to EMTS

● Your communication protocol choice and port for EMTS (if currently known)

As with any transformation change at FCA US, the suppliers and business partners will be expected to comply in a timely manner when scheduled. Any changes required at the supplier will be considered the cost of doing business and will be assumed by the supplier.

FCA US does not charge the supplier for the use of the legacy EBMX system, nor its replacement, the EMTS system, but the supplier will still be responsible for their own Information Technology costs as they are today.

If you have additional questions, please contact: EBMXInfo@fcagroup.com

All inquiries about this change should be directed to the above email address rather than your purchasing contact, as they are not able to provide any further information.

This letter is being republished by CTI Communications, an approved Fiat-Chrysler communications vendor.