EMTS - Enterprise Message Transmission System - for FCA


CTI Communications EMTS Products

CTI Communications will offer the only two approved EMTS protocols (SFTP and AS2) accepted by Fiat-Chrysler for EMTS. Please use our Contact US form to request an up-grade to your current (out-of-date) EBMX software and review any additional information.

Platforms operating systems supported: Windows (32 and 64 bit) machines, MAC, UNIX and Linux. Markets supported: U.S., Canada, Mexico and Europe.

Click here for a Testimonial from Mexico and a List of some Fiat-Chrysler Manufacturers (specially in Mexico) using our older EBMX supplied programs.

CTI Communications is a long-time leader in providing an easy to use software program to exchange EDI oriented files with Fiat-Chrysler. Our EMTS software will allow you to completely and automatically send and receive your files - a feature that some other software companies don't offer.

We offer two (2) EMTS Approved Software Programs:

1. CTI's program is based on a special FastSync® SFTP (Java based) passwordless, easy to use Host linkage. One low price supports either Windows, MAC or UNIX platforms.

2. And, CLEO's LexiCom® program using an AS2 Host linkage.

Prices vary depending upon platform (PC, UNIX, AS/400 etc.).

Please use our Contact US form to request an up-grade to your current EBMX software to the new EMTS software.

Migration to EMTS

The first step is to download FastSync


The second step is to generate the Public SSH Key to have passwordless access to the FCA server. Click on the "Generate Public SSH Key" button to see the instructions

Generate Public SSH Key

The third step to perform a Transmission test with FCA test server. Click on the "Loopback Test" button to see the instructions

Loopback Test

The last step is to wait for the migration date from FCA

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions