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EBMX-HTTP/s - Connection to Chrysler's Electronic Business Message eXchange

E-Business Messaging eXchange
Hyper Text Transfer Protocol secure EDI Mailbox Pr

This specially developed software product by CTI Communications is a client side application that allows Fiat-Chrysler suppliers to obtain and deliver EDI, XML and other proprietary document data formats over the internet using a secure socket layer. The security layer uses certificates (public/private key encryption) to verify the identity of the person you are connected to, and then encrypts document exchanges.

Screen Shots

Main Menu:

The EBMX HTTPs program from CTI Communications has many special features including a Sweep New Files capability so you can separate the new from the older files. There's also a Command Line capability for sending files without using the standard user interface. To send, invoke the program with the three command line arguments ReceiverID FileType SendFileName. Also, the program supports Proxy Servers - it does not, however, support spaces in the receive file path (this is a Java issue).

The EBMX HTTPs program takes the work out of establishing the communications link into Fiat-Chrysler's worldwide tele-communications network. In all data files can be directed to/from any directory/folder on your I.P. network.

You also have control as to downloading files...


After filling-in a few fields from the Setup menu (User Id, Password, etc.) you can be immediately connected into Fiat-Chrysler's EBMX system...

After your initial  testing is completed with Chrysler and you're approved for production, you just fill-in the Software Registration Form below and you can go into production mode.

If you ever get in trouble, there's a built-in E-mail Request for Support link that puts you directly in touch with the Technical Support Department.


EBMX Installation Instructions Overview

nstallation is pretty simple.  Simply execute the program CTI provided for you.  It is a self-extracting zip file that automatically launches the installation program and places an Icon on your desktop when it's finished with the install.

After the software is installed you can run the program, click on the desktop Icon, click on Setup (see second screen shot below) and set the following parameters:

ID - provided by Chrysler
Password - provided by Chrysler
Receive path - Where to put received files (see below)
Send Path - default directory for files to send to Chrysler
Proxy Host - leave blank unless you are using a proxy server
Proxy Port - leave blank unless you are using a proxy server.
URL Type - confirm it is set for "Production"
Activation key - the key CTI provides you.

How the software interprets the receive path depends on the trailing character in the path.  If it is a backslash ('\') the software assumes that it points to a directory and uses the Chrysler-supplied filename. For example, a receive path of C:\EBMX\InFile\ and a Chrysler-supplied filename of "002212.dat" would result in a filename on your computer of C:\EBMX\InFile\002212.dat. Obviously, the directory \EBMX\Infile must exist.

If the receive file path doesn't include a trailing backslash, the software puts a dot and a numeric extension on the end of the path you supplied to produce a unique filename. For example, a receive path of C:\EBMX\InFile\myData would produce a receive file name of C:\EBMX\InFile\MyData.000, then C:\EBMX\InFile\MyData.001, etc.


Sending and Receiving your Files Automatically

Here's how to start your software program from a either a "command line" or a ".bat" file and have it send or receive automatically:

To send a file (i.e., a single file) ---

       java -jar SEND ReceiverID FileType FileToSend

To send more than one file in a session ---

       java -jar SEND ReceiverID FileType File1 [File2] [File3] [etc.]

To receive all files that have not been previously downloaded ---

       java BMXhtpps.jar SWEEP




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