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VL Trader                                                             

VersaLex™ Trader (VLTrader) is a powerful software platform that manages secure electronic transfer of business documents to and from trading community partners over the Internet, through VANs, or over other specialized TCP/IP connections. Using certified, proven EDIINT technology, VLTrader combines the secure core communications functionality of AS2, AS3, FTP/S, and HTTP/S with communication network configuration and management tools essential to the efficient handling of hundreds to thousands of trading partners and customers.

  • Powerful: Supports thousands of trading partners

  • Proven: VersaLex technology is proven in use at over 5,000 companies.

  • Secure: Built-in security protects proprietary transactions. Behind the firewall operation with VLProxy.

  • Flexible, Scalable:

    • User-centric transaction delivery system, both up and down stream in the supply chain

    • Supports multiple secure IP-based file-transfer protocols (AS2, FTP, FTP/S, HTTP, and HTTP/S) and multiple data types including EDI, Data Sync, RFID, CPFR

  • Integrated: Built-in integration to dozens of major EDI software packages

  • Cost effective, Quick ROI

    • Increases sales, turns, market share, accuracy, efficiency, and real-time supply chain visibility.

    • Reduces communication charges, out of stocks, inventory, errors, disputes, maintenance

    • A cost-effective alternative to VPN & VAN solutions.



    Cleo Launches VersaLex v3.5
    Load Balancing, Improved Licensing Checks and More Ease of Use Features Now Available

    Cleo® Communications, a leading provider of data communications products and services since the mid 1980’s, today announced the release of VersaLex version 3.5, the technology powering VersaLex Suite, the company’s LexiCom, VersaLex Trader (VLTrader), and VersaLex Proxy (VLProxy) products. VersaLex 3.5 offers several new features and enhancements that add to the products’ performance and value, including:

    • Load balancing (VLProxy): Maximizes throughput by automatically distributing volume between available servers. Reverse proxy connections are balanced between any non-backup systems based on the number of current VLProxy connections with VersaLex.
    • Quick Access to Current Preconfigured Hosts. Instead of manually requesting a pre-configured host from Cleo, users can access current hosts right from the software. VersaLex retrieves the preconfigured hosts directly from the Cleo website for immediate, up-to-date access.
    • Daily Support Contract Checks and Automatic Licensing. When a support contract is about to expire, VersaLex performs daily checks of the renewal date. If it has been updated, a new license is automatically applied.
    • Automatic Notification of Partner/CA certificates which are about to expire or have expired.
    • Current Drummond Certifications: AS2-3Q07and ebMS-4Q07, as well as AS3-1Q07.
    • Parse HTTP server responses for custom phrases. If the configured phrase is not found anywhere in the content of the server response, the PUT command is considered unsuccessful and can trigger email notification or alternative processing.
    • Duplicate File Names Detection for AS2 and AS3. System-wide and Host-specific.
    • VLTrader specific enhancements:
      • Sentbox and Receivedbox Directories for Local FTP, HTTP, and SSH FTP users.
      • Automatic deletion of files on Local FTP mailboxes.

    “The release of VersaLex 3.5 adds a high level of value to an already robust and mature software product,” comments Todd Enneking, Vice President of Engineering. “Cleo strives to lead the way when it comes to the changing needs of secure communications; our regular and expeditious enhancements to VersaLex are well-received by our customers and partners.



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