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    The SyncPack 2000e package consists of FastSync 3780 BSC Software along with either the Hayes OPTIMA 336 or 56k V.90 Business Modem which includes Asynchronous connect capabilities and Synchronous connections. You can operate both Async communications and Bi-Sync communications through the same COM port. Operates in Windows (95, 98, NT, Win2K, & XP) along with the Concurrent DOS Operating systems. CTI has been an Authorized Hayes Advanced Systems Dealer since 1989 (note: Zoom Telephonics purchased Hayes in 1999).

Your best solution for connecting 2780 or 3780 BSC Protocol without using synchronous cards and/or devices is the SyncPack 2000e.

FastSync 3780 is an easy to learn, easy to use, powerful, and feature rich 3780/2780 IBM Remote Job Entry (RJE) file transfer program for Micro-to-Mainframe and PC-to-PC communications.  FastSync 3780 is designed for absolutely error free data communications.

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Screen Shots

Main Menu:

The Windows 32-bit user interface has been designed as a  flexible, easy to understand 3780 program with meaningful screens and error messages. No more cryptic 3780 messages or hard to decipher screens! CTI's powerful scripting language is integrated into the program allowing the user to create both simple and sophisticated commands that can fully automate your file transfer process.

  • Run Command File

  • Enter commands Manually

  • Review last Session

  • Configure FastSync


Interactive Session Window:

This system can be used on an Interactive Session basis, or automated basis using a command file.

  • Dial a Site

  • Wait for a Call

  • Send Data

  • Receive Data

  • Command File

  • Review

Current Status:

  • Current Command

  • Command Status

  • System Messages

Receive Settings:

  • Default Receive File Name

  • Carriage Return for Inter Record Separator

  • Carriage return for End of Block

  • Replace New Lines with Carriage Return

Transmission Protocols:

  • Record Size

  • Block Size

  • Multiple Records Per Block

  • Space Compression

Hardware Setup:

  • Comm Port

  • Max Connect Rate

  • Max DTE Baudrate

  • AutoSync Version

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