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OKIDATA CLD Bell 4800 A/B AutoDial Modem

Use it with the Cleo 3780Plus with SYNCcable+

OKIDATA’S CLD 4800 A/B offers business users the high performance and advanced features required to satisfy today’s networking demands.   This flexible data terminal modem operates in the half-duplex, synchronous mode over public switched telephone lines or full duplex on voice grade leased lines.  The CLD 4800 A/B is fully compliant with Bell 208 A/B standards.  The CLD 4800 A/B supports point-to-point or multi-point system configurations. In addition, it offers business users a full range of powerful features including:

Synchronous Autodialing from Terminals, PCs, and Host Computers.  Through the use of SADL TM (Synchronous Automatic Dialing Language), the OKIDATA 4800 A/B eliminates the need for RS-366 ports and 801 Automatic Calling Units on Host Computers and allows terminal and personal computer users to autodial from the keyboard or via software.  SADL works with the most popular synchronous protocols, including SDLC, HDLC and Bisynchronous.

Automatic Adaptive Equalization.  The OKIDATA CLD 4800 A/B features digital signal processor based automatic equalization to compensate for varying line quality.  This feature allows the modem to operate over a wider range of line conditions and assures users of superior performance over degraded lines.

Remote Modem Configuration.  The CLD 4800 A/B allows modem operations to be changed by downline loading the appropriate commands.  With this feature, installation and maintenance can be performed without on-site technical support.

Easy Access Front Panel.  The CLD 4800 A/B incorporates an easy-to-use front panel giving total push-button control over all diagnostic and operating functions.  By pressing buttons on the front panel, the operator can command the modem to automatically answer incoming calls; place the modem in answer or originate mode; automatically dial telephone numbers stored in the modem’s memory; or alternate between voice and data modes.  A TST button invokes the CLD’s diagnostics and can be used to perform self-testing, remote digital loopback, local analog loopback, and local digital loopback.

Superior Reliability and Performance.  OKIDATA’s advanced custom CMOS/VLSI technology assures users of superior performance, exceptional reliability, and lower power consumption.

As a result of recent changes in telephone technology (essentially, analog to digital switching) in some areas of the country, it may be necessary to change the OKIDATA Modem factory switch settings on the bottom of the modem.  If you experience problems which make it impossible to communicate with a remote host system, try re-setting switches from the default settings to the alternate settings shown below: 

  Switch #1 Switch #2

Default Settings >

1, ON; others OFF All OFF

Alternative Settings >

1, ON; others OFF 7 & 8 ON; others OFF

For settings when used with the CLEO SYNCcable+ and 3780Plus software, Click Here.


Regulatory Approvals: FCC Part 15 Class B; FCC Part 68; CSA; U.L. Approved
Line Requirements: Public switched 2-wire line, voice grade 2-wire leased line, or voice grade 4-wire leased line, unconditioned
Digital Interface: RS-232D V.24/28
Line Interface: RJ11/RJ412S/RJ45S
Operating Modes: Half-duplex over 2-wire public switched or leased line; Full duplex over 4-wire leased line
Modem Data Rate: 4800 bps, synchronous only
Data Format: Synchronous
Dialer Control: SADL TM or front panel dialing of stored number
Dialing Capability: Touch-Tone or rotary pulse dialing
Line Monitor: With internal speaker
Call Progress Detection: Dial tone, busy tone, ring back tone, answer tone
Switches: Power on/off
Receiver Sensitivity: -9 to -40 dBm (public line); 0 to -40 dBm (leased line)
Timing Accuracy: +/- 0.01% of normal frequency; (Synchronous Mode)
Carrier Detection Level: On at higher than -43 dBm and off at lower than -48 dBm
Transmitter Output Level: -10 dBm (permissive data arrangement)
Transmission Timing: Internal, external, or slaved timing
Test Facilities: Local Analog Loopback; Local Analog Loopback with Self Test; Remote Digital Loopback; Remote Digital Loopback with Self Test; Local Digital Loopback
Type of Modulation: 8-phase, differential phase shift keying, 1066 baud
Holding Tone: 800 Hz. 9 dBm below transmit level
Carrier Frequency: 1800 Hz.
Equalization: Fixed amplitude equalizer in transmitter; fixed amplitude equalizer and automatic adaptive equalizer in receiver
CTS Delays: 50, 150 or 600 milliseconds
Line Impedance: 600 ohms, balanced
Physical Characteristics:
Width 7 inches (178mm)
Depth 11 inches (279mm)
Height 2 1/4 inches (57mm)
Weight Unit alone: 1.5 lbs. (0.67kg); Unit with power pack: 2.2 lbs. (1.0kg)
Environmental Requirements:
Humidity 20 to 85% RH, noncondensing
Operating temp 0 to 40C (32-104F)
Storage Temperature -20 to +70C (-4 to +158F)
Power pack U.L. listed, 115 VAC 10%, 60 Hz, approx. 9.5 VA output
Warranty: None.  Out of production.  CTI sends a free 2nd modem with each order.  See Order Form Details.
The OKIDATA modem works fine with the CLEO 3780Plus® software SYNCcable+® .  See note from the CLEO folks in the right frame. E-mail sent to CTI from CLEO: "Q/A took a look at the OKIDATA modem you sent us. It is the exact same model (CLD4800A/B) that we have tested in-house before.  We have documented setup information on this particular modem in our 3780Plus User's Guide manual (Appendix A-6).  It works just fine with the Cleo SYNCcable+.  Since we have no need to keep the modem, I will have Curt ship the modem back to you. Thanks!"   Schelley Moran, Cleo Communications.  4/26/00

CTI has access to this older Bell-208 modem.  We have been marketing OKIDATA modems since 1987. 



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