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Connecting to Chrysler's Electronic Business Message eXchange

using CTI's EBMX Software Program

We are approved by Chrysler to offer this low cost application program to save the Chrysler supplier and/or its EDI Software House from doing their own programming and integrating a similar program into their individual EDI application(s).  Our EBMX software handles the special HTTP/s file transfer requirements into Chrysler's EBMX mainframe computer. 

CTI's EBMX-HTTP/s software program is oriented to approved suppliers and/or vendors required to send or receive business documents to/from Chrysler Corporation. CTI's software is especially oriented towards suppliers (e.g., manufacturing companies, Trucking companies, collection agencies, Banks, Credit Unions and other financial institutions, law offices, etc.) requiring proprietary formatted data, yet also handles direct material production EDI data suppliers as well.

Platforms supported: PC, NT/XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit), MAC, UNIX and Linux. Markets supported: U.S., Canada, Mexico and Europe.  Click here for a Testimonial from Mexico and a List of some Chrysler Manufacturers (especially in Mexico) using our EBMX supplied programs.

CTI Communications is a leader in providing an easy to use software program to exchange EDI oriented files with Chrysler.  Our EBMX-HTTP/s software will allow you to completely and automatically send and receive your files - a feature that some other software companies don't offer.

We offer two (2) EBMX Software Programs:

CTI's at $995 + Technical Support $200. Total of $1,195 USD. This program is only for Chrysler's HTTP/s EBMX Host linkage.

And, CLEO's LexiCom EBMX program at $1,095 + Technical Support for $219. Total $1,314 USD for the PC platform. The LexiCom supports not only the Chrysler EBMX protocol, but includes several other protocols along with many pre-configured hosts linkages. Prices vary depending upon platform (PC, UNIX, AS/400 etc.).

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Installation Instructions Overview and How to Automate Sending and Receiving your files (for CTI's EBMX software)

Other background information on CTI Communications --- In 1993, CTI Communications worked with the Chrysler MIS Department to establish a similar program to EBMX that was called CTI-CADX which provided hundreds of Chrysler production suppliers a simplified CAD file exchange to Chrysler's Engineering Technical Center.  This was a very successful program.  We provide the CTI-CTX and EBMX programs to help Chrysler EDI and Financial based suppliers interface into the CX mainframe at Chrysler's Telecommunications' data center.  Click for a Partial Listing of our Customers.

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